Tuesday, September 04, 2001
I finished sanding the fiberglass this morning, and put a couple layers of Bondo around the sides of the speaker pods. After the Bondo dried, I sanded down the lumps in an effort to get a smooth finish to the pod. I am not going for total perfection since I plan on covering the pods with fabric or carpet, and I think that will cover up any small imperfections. In two pictures, I am stretching some fabric over the pods to see how if any pits in the surface will show through. Only the larger holes did, so I might need another layer of Bondo in a couple places.

I also picked up some 1/8" aluminum plate today to make plates that will seal the floor vents. To get access to the vent on the passenger side, I had to remove the heater box. When the speaker pod goes in, the original heater will not fit anymore. I plan on getting an aftermarket heater and air conditioning box to replace the original.

I cut the aluminum to shape based on a cardboard template I had made. To drill holes in the correct place on the aluminum plate, I screwed the sheet metal screws that held the original kick panels into the interior wall from inside of the wheelwell. With the point sticking into the car, I held the plate in the position I wanted, and smacked it with a hammer (and a board to spread out the force). Each sheet metal screw left a mark where I needed to drill.
I reused the body putty that sealed the vent to the interior wall, to seal the plate over the vent opening.

A problem I ran into (that I somehow overlooked earlier) is that the heads of two of the sheet metal screws that hold the plate are in the position I want to place the pod. I am either going to get a different screw with a tapered head that will sit flush, or I will have to drill some small reliefs (not all the way through) in the bottom of the pod.