Monday, September 03, 2001
I finished laying the fiberglass on the second of the two speaker pods today. It takes time to allow the fiberglass to dry. And, because I am only a novice, I go slow and don't try to tackle too much at once. I'm afraid I'll move the pieces that are still wet when I try to overlap new ones on top of them.

For the pod that I was able to get two layers on yesterday, I began sanding the bumps out of the fiberglass. I can't smooth over the bumps on the sides because the fiberglass is only two layers thick. I will use some Bondo to smooth out the sides. I just sanded where the speaker will mount and the bottom of the base. This ended up uncovering a couple air bubbles, so I patched those up after I cleaned off the sanding dust. The two pods are drying overnight, and I will finish sanding tomorrow. Hopefully, I willl even start smoothing out the sides by laying a little Bondo on there, too.