Wednesday, August 01, 2001
Today I drilled out the driver's side spring perches that are welded to the axle housing. It was a very tight fit to get the drill in there. The chuck was nearly touching the axle tube, but I was able to manage. I also had to move the brake line out of the way when drilling, and inserting the u-bolt.

As for slotting the holes, I don't have the tools to grind the holes. I just tried opening them a little with the drill, but that didn't work to well. I ended up just being able to squeeze the ends of the u-bolt to fit it through the holes. Like I said, the spacing wasn't too far off.

So, I basically have the driver's side done. I need to torque the u-bolts in place before I will know for sure if the pin of the lowering block is going to cause a problem. I need to borrow a deep socket, though, since the u-bolts are rather long. This particular brand of lowering kit must use the same u-bolts for the 1" and 2" lowering blocks.